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Military electronic components and contract identification acceptance of new products will be held smoothly
[Author :佚名  Issue time :2009/8/5  Reading :4159

March 23, 2009 military electronic components in China Quality Certification Committee hosted in NanJing ZhongXu Electronics Science and Technology Co.LTD in 2009, military electronic components and contract identification acceptance of new products, the general assembly meeting was attended by contract to do defense work to do in Jiangsu Province Nanjing defense work to do, Nanjing Electrical Industry Group, as well as the leadership of higher authorities, such as aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons, electronics and other units on behalf of users.
The experts heard Zhongxu four military companies to carry out the development of new summary of the report review process, the quality of review reports, test reports and other relevant information on the company Zhongxu military commitment in 2008 New magnetic modulation current sensors, Hall Seoul benchmark position sensors, high temperature Hall Current Sensor, Hall-military nearly four switches to the identification of new products, the project had accepted the contract, the participating experts agreed that in the Asahi company identified the new technical information integrity, Qi sets, coordinated, unified, strong product innovation to achieve the development of contracts and the provisions of the indicator agreement to meet user requirements, product design stereotypes adopted unanimously.

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